Sunday, February 28, 2010

The Company

Buck: Ashleigh Cheadle
Buck: Jack Parker
Buck: Meghan Treadway
Spitz: Maisie Turpie
Ysabel/Judge Miller/Billie: Meilir Rhys Williams
John Thornton/Servant: Fernando Gordon
Man in Red Sweater/Sol-leks/Timber Wolf: Lauren Little
Manuel/Moose/Timber Wolf: Sophie Wyburn

Toots/Timber Wolf: Matt Hutchinson
Rabbit/Dave: Charlotte Quartermaine

Production Team
Costume and Associate Set Designer: Faye Brinkworth
Associate Puppet Designer: Caroline Bowman
Lighting Designer: Leo Flint
Sound Designer/Production Sound: Janek Pearce
Production Manager: Stephen Evans
Assistant Production Manager: Claire Waddington
Stage Manager: Christopher Stone
Deputy Stage Manager: Nikita Wolski
Technical Manager: Michelle-Sophie Van-den-Bergh
Technical Manager: Paul Panayi
Chief Electrician/Programmer: Lewis Smith
Electrician: Jamie Redford
Puppet Constructor: Sara Clark
Puppet Constructor: Joanna Hruby
Puppet Constructor: Irena Stratieva
Puppet Constructor: Isabel Lyster
Puppet Constructor: Gareth Martin
Puppet Constructor: Jodie Gardner
HOD Scenic Art: Louisa Mozzilli
Scenic Artist: Heather Dolan
Scenic Artist: Lucy Schmidt
Set Constuctor: Rory Evans
Creative Assistant: Sian Ross
Documenter/Photographer: Jemima Yong

Collaborator/Documenter: Catherine Alexander
supported by the Centre of Excellence in Training for Theatre
Costume Supervisor: Karin Schuck
TSD Workshop: Alex Turnpenny and Stephen Heath

Blind Summit Theatre
Director: Mark Down
Set and Puppet Designer: Nick Barnes
General Manager: Helen Hodge
Producing Assistant: Lorraine Wood

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