Tuesday, February 23, 2010

The Day Before....

Some new paint designs for the puppets are tested out in the afternoon run.

Here we are, one day to our opening night. Things are still changing - things will always be changing. That's the best thing about this process. The morning run allowed us all to appreciate what we've acheived, try things out (the new paint effect) and find the gaps we need to work on.

It looks like we will be simplifying things from here. There were too many styles at once, we need "something simplier, more puppety", we need the same language all the way through - really focusing the narrative from Buck's point of view.

The BBC came back again to film a bit of the dress to air this afternoon on London News. Time has flown by since they last visited, but now we've got a show. "We're working hard and fast, but we're in a good place".

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